Six Challenges, Six Themes.
Who Will Be The Influencer?

Choo Mei Sze

A social media influencer herself, Mei Sze is no stranger to the inner and outer workings of social media. Co-founder of social media company PersonEdge, host, columnist for major dailies and magazines as well as pursuing a PhD in psychology, she loves to influence others through her writing not just about lifestyle, but also on psychological issues on her blog.

Ten online personalities will face off against each other over six challenges in a competition that will challenge their ability to adapt and improvise not just online but in the real world. These personalities are experts in their respective fields of interest, such as lifestyle, technology, fashion, beauty, food, and even dance, but how would they fare when placed outside their comfort zones?

Each episode will see the personalities engaged in a challenge featuring a specific theme. It is up to the influencers to rise to the occasion, overcome the task and win!

Who will be the ultimate social media influencer?